Morning – The first flight of Russian cosmonauts to the ISS scheduled for autumn 2020


The first flight of a group of Russian cosmonauts for nearly twenty years to the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled for autumn 2020, said Friday the head of the Russian cosmonaut training center, Pavel Vlasov. "The crew of the spacecraft heading to the ISS in the autumn of 2020 will be composed entirely of Russian cosmonauts. This is because there is currently no agreement between the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, and US, NASA, on the presence of a US astronaut in this expedition, "said the Russian official in an interview. He also did not rule out an agreement with NASA to send an international crew by then, as the United States had suspended flights to the ISS aboard US rockets. .
Two Russian rockets will fly to the ISS in 2020, namely Soyuz MS-16 and Soyuz MS-17. The crew of the first flight will be composed of two Russian astronauts and one Japanese, while the second flight of 2020 will include for the first time in the history of the ISS two Russian cosmonauts, noted Mr. Vlasov.
The last launch of a manned Soyuz spacecraft with an all-Russian crew took place in 2000, as part of the last voyage in the history of the Russian Mir Orbital Station, launched into orbit in 1986 and voluntarily destroyed on March 23, 2001. .

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