more single and soon in colocation with a former Master of midday, Romain reveals his new life! (PHOTOS)


The Summer Match is slowly coming to an end in The 12 Midday Shots. While Benoît, who had scored the game last spring, qualified for the final of Saturday, August 31, 2019 (which will take place as a bonus), Romain, the famous "little fireman of the summer", was also back on the set of Jean-Luc Reichmann! And the least we can say is that the candidate – who started this summer a new adventure – had a lot of good news to offer viewers.

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Upon entry, the host informed the public that Romain was no longer a heart to take! "It's been almost a year"explained the young man who continues to be a volunteer firefighter, his girlfriend Navy was also present in the public to support him.But that's not all! After having greeted the presence of Xavier among the spectators (we will also find it also in the final of August 31), Romain made another announcement …

Marine, Romain's girlfriend – © Capture TF1

De Xavier back in The 12 strokes of noon, the summer match after the Quesada affair: "This is an opportunity to prove that we are a big family"

The candidate will indeed move closer to his place of work by moving into the apartment of Xavier and his partner, while the couple will be absent soon. "We will raise a roommate of former Masters of noon at another Master of Midi with Tristan !"The viewers of the game TF1 probably remember the young man, adept game shows, and who had made a nice journey in The 12 Midday Shots end of 2018. "That's the real family of 12 Midday hits ", concluded Jean-Luc Reichmann.

Tristan, future roommate of Romain (right, in red sweater) – © Capture TF1

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