Montreal Mural Festival lands in Toronto


Sculptor Laurence Vallières, whose works have taken her to several cities in Canada, as well as to South Korea, the United States, and Italy, participated in the festival.

Ceramicist artist of training, she explains having used electoral signs to realize her work, a rabbit.

Ceramics was my first love, but there is a limit in size that can be achieved in ceramics – it has to get into an oven – and I wanted to make a monumental workshe explains.

The artist uses recycled cardboard for his works. Using what we have around us, that's what I do with my works, we have to be creative with what's around us.

The artist says she likes to represent animals. I think they are more human than humans. I give them expressions and attitudes, and I find them more touching than if I represented something else.

Four meters high, and all in pink, his sculpture does not fail to attract the eyes of passersby.

The Mural Festival is held from August 30 to September 1 in Toronto.

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