Monaco, Galatasaray – Mercato: Official statement for Falcao


Eager to leave AS Monaco, Radamel Falcao is inevitably closer to Galatasaray. But the Monegasque vice-president has shed light on this issue.

Monaco, Galatasaray: Big revelation for Falcao.

Where will evolve Radamel Falcao this season ? A question that deserves to be asked especially since the Colombian international would like to leave the Rock this summer. A willingness to depart posted that does the business of Galatasaray.

The Turkish club, in search of offensive reinforcement, wishes his arrival and the Monegasque striker does not intend to miss this opportunity. A desire to change air that eventually cracked its leaders. The ASM no longer opposes his departure to Turkey, so that an agreement for the transfer of Radamel Falcao is mentioned.

The Turkish club would have made a last effort and would be close to win the bet. But the Monegasque vice-president wanted to make a clarification for his player. For Oleg Petrov, the situation remains unchanged at present.

"I spoke with Radamel several times, with the team, the players and the coach. We understand what he wants. But, on the other hand, I'm responsible for the club. And it's too early to talk about a final decision (…) It does not have much evolution », he said in remarks reported by The Team.

The situation could nevertheless settle down before the closure of the summer transfer window, scheduled for 2 September.

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