Mohammed V Airport: Baggage handlers on strike for five months!



Waiting for his luggage after getting off the plane became a nightmare at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca. The wait in the main hub of Morocco, which handled more than 45.11% of global passenger traffic in July, just over 1 million travelers (9.72% change), sometimes turns into a nightmare. And for good reason: the social context agitated by a strike movement of the subsidiary Handling of RAM, which lasts for 5 months.

Contacted by the Economist, Mohamed El Aoufir Zouhair, CEO of the Onda explains: "The disturbances recorded at the level of baggage handling at Mohammed V airport are mainly due to the zeal of the GPI operator's staff under -Treatment of RAM Handling ".

Consequence: inconvenience and lengthening of waiting times in the handling of baggage, loss of bags … There are more enraged travelers. Passengers waiting up to 4 hours standing in front of the treadmill or even more, to retrieve their suitcases.

Waiting times that can turn into a nightmare for the elderly or sick or with reduced mobility … especially as the transit area does not have a rest area where you can sit or lie down comfortably. "After passing the police checks, I waited more than 4 hours standing. I do not exaggerate! ", Denounced a traveler.

The management of the Onda specifies that the Mohammed V airport is the only one affected by the disturbances. The baggage delivery operation takes place under completely normal conditions in all airports in Morocco. The strike resulted in slow baggage delivery and downsizing, leading to the complete cessation of handling activities during certain hours and periods.

Intermittent social movements have had a negative impact on the handling of luggage on several flights, including those on the route. This situation coincides with the peak of the summer and the peak period (Hajj phases start and finish, MRE arrival and departure). A social dialogue is under way between the service provider and the handlers to find a definitive solution.

According to the latest figures from the ONDA, the volume of commercial traffic at airports records more than 2.3 million passengers in the month of July, an increase of about 14.24%, compared to the same period in 2018.


Allow at least two hours to collect his luggage at Mohammed V airport and four to five hours for extreme cases. Passengers are on their own, no information desk is open at night (Ph.A.S.)

In the national ranking, the Mohammed V airport has received more than 45.11% of the overall traffic, a little over 1 million passengers (growth of 9.72%). It is followed by the Marrakech-Menara airport, which recorded a growth of 30.58% with more than 490,000 passengers. Domestic traffic also recorded strong growth (32.55%) with 277,263 passengers accommodated.

The indicators are flattering, but under what conditions are passengers treated after checking police entry and residence formalities? What is planned as a solution or measures to streamline the process?

All stakeholders and the public partners concerned are fully mobilized to remedy this state of affairs, argues El Aoufir. The support, information and orientation staff of the passengers have been strengthened and are operational 24/7. However, the testimonies that come back to us are rather divergent.

"The worst thing is that you do not have anyone to talk to. My plane landed at 23:30, I left the airport around 2 hours 15 minutes in the morning, "said a traveler returned from Japan. As the main air hub and showcase of Morocco, the airport of Casablanca delivers a poor figure in this period of seasonal peak.

"We must all put responsibility, rigor and wisdom to achieve solutions and permanent perennial," says the DG. This social conflict, of which stakeholders are responsible, must be addressed and resolved with all the necessary involvement.


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