Mobile package: Bouygues Telecom extends all its offers without commitment


After having updated the catalog of its B & You offers without commitment, Bouygues Telecom decided today to extend them until the end of September. The smallest mobile plan is available from 9.99 euros per month for 40 GB of 4G data.

Bouygues Telecom's B & You offers without commitment are extended until September 23, 2019. Find below the details of the 3 different mobile packages in limited series of the French operator.

Package B & You 40 Go to 9.99 euros per month

The non-binding B & You package at 9.99 euros per month is now the first choice for Bouygues Telecom. It offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to metropolitan France, the DOM and Europe, which is essential to stay in contact with your loved ones. Its 4G envelope amounts to 40 GB in France, including 4 GB abroad.

Find the B & You 40 GB package at 9.99 € / month

60GB B & You package at 14.99 euros per month

The package B & You (still without commitment) to 14.99 euros per month is a little more complete than the previous one. It also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to Metropolitan France, the French overseas departments and Europe, but with a more consistent 4G coverage. It offers 60 GB in France, including 6 GB from the foreign destinations mentioned above.
Find the B & You 60GB package at € 14.99 / month

Package B & You 80 GB to 16.99 euros per month

Regarding the B & You package without commitment to 16.99 euros per month, it is ideal for those who want to consume content on the Internet without counting, or just looking for an alternative to the Internet box. Obviously, it gives access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France, but with a 4G envelope that climbs up to 80 GB. From Europe and the DOM, calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited, but with 8 Go of data counted from the total envelope.

Find the B & You 80 GB package at € 16.99 / month

Why do we recommend these packages?

  • Offers are diversified to meet most needs
  • Without commitment, no condition of duration
  • With mostly a lifetime price!

Note that the cost of the new triple-cut SIM card is set at 10 euros, but the number retention thanks to the RIO is totally free.
Find the B & You mobile packages from 9,99 € / month
To discover the offer that fits your needs, do not hesitate to use our comparator to find the best mobile plan from the moment.

Prixtel – Special Series

September 03

Unlimited calls
Unlimited SMS / MMS
10 GB – 100 GB

€ 4.99

RED SFR Package 4G – 40 GB

September 23

Unlimited calls
Unlimited SMS / MMS
40 GB

10 €

Free Special Series 4G Package – 50 GB

September 03

Unlimited calls
Unlimited SMS / MMS
50 GB

See all packages

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