Minister of Education busy for the 2019 school year


Education Minister Jean-François Roberge was busy at the start of the school year. Full classes, shortage of teachers and school boards were on the menu.

The story of this mother who learned 36 hours before the start that there was no room in her son's Grade 4 class stung the minister.

"The first two criteria that are obvious are the need for stability of children and siblings, not to separate brothers and sisters. And here we see that it is zero in two in this case, "he said in an interview with LCN.

"What happened? How come the school board, seeing this problem, did not accompany this family. Why is it the lady who was forced to take a bike and go around schools? "Asked Minister Roberge.

The minister still does not have the answers to these questions and intends to understand what has happened.

A foreseeable shortage

One of the factors that has led to this situation is the shortage of teachers. The minister blamed previous administrations.

"We inherit this crisis from past governments. The shortage of teachers was something predictable. We saw that the teachers were going to retire, "he explained.

"When you see a wall come, you change direction. It did not happen, we find solutions, "says the minister.

According to him, the solution passes through the gateways allowing graduates from different fields (French, mathematics, science) to be able to teach.

Unfortunately, the shortage is not about to be resolved. "It will take a few years, it would have been necessary to act earlier to avoid that. It will take a while, even if we act very quickly. "

The end of school boards

The minister confirmed that the end of school boards was approaching. The Caquist government will introduce a bill this fall to transform school boards into service centers.

"We want something more efficient, more school elections as we know them, decisions that are made more by parents and school staff," adds the minister who says the work will be done better. and at a lower cost. Major news

The Minister was pleased to announce that his government had put in place three major new features for the well-being of young people.

Elementary school youth will benefit from two 20-minute recreations throughout Quebec. There will also be two free cultural outings for students. In high school, students will enjoy free extracurricular activities in 140 institutions.

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