Miloudi Hamdouchi joins his last home after a prolific literary career


By Nadia Abram- MAP the 31/08/2019 at 10:33


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The Moroccan novelist Miloudi Hamdouchi, or "Lieutenant Colombo" as many liked to call him, died on Friday in Dar Bouazza, near Casablanca, after a prolific literary career in crime fiction.

The late son of Sidi Bennour was swept away by the disease that did not give him time to write and give more to a literary genre that has fascinated him to the point that the fans of the polar have dubbed him Lieutenant Colombo the Moroccan Peter Falk, referring to the actor who played the role of the famous lieutenant of the small screen. He has also contributed to the enrichment of Moroccan literature with a dozen detective novels in Arabic and French, some of which have been adapted to television, and this is the case of the "Blind Fish" which has met a huge success with the public.

The deceased had started his professional life in the services of the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN). At the same time, he earned a doctorate in criminology, which allowed him to retrain in higher education as a professor of criminal law. His passion for writing crime fiction, a genre he was particularly fond of, never left him. In one of his statements, he even claimed that Morocco differs from other countries in North Africa and the Middle East by the development of the polar, which remains a relatively unknown genre in the region, noting that unlike other styles rather virtual and whimsical, the polar is based on real facts and analyzes their objective causes, social and moral.

This particular attachment of the deceased to the detective novel is of the nature of his first function. As a member of the police, he had to solve criminal enigmas, and that is why he studied criminal law and criminology in order to deepen his knowledge of the subject.

This vast knowledge that the late Miloudi Hamdouchi had acquired made him an outstanding writer in his category, able to transcribe truthful facts in a rich, sensational and captivating style combining poetry and didactics. The late Hamdouchi has enriched Moroccan literature with a dozen works including the novel "The blind fish" which has been the subject of a film adaptation, "Private relationship", "The claws of death", "The St. Janjah "still" Oum Tariq ", as well as other publications relating to the legal field.

By Nadia Abram- MAP

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