Military service: Death of a young man in Meknes


DEATH – A soldier subjected to military service died Friday, August 30 at the Moulay Ismail military hospital in Meknes, following complications of his condition, reports the MAP citing a military source.

The deceased was insulin-dependent diabetic for six years, according to his mother's statement, and voluntarily stopped his treatment to perform military service, said the source.

He volunteered to join the military service and concealed his illness by telling the medical commission that he had no health problems and was not taking any medicine, the MAP said.

"The usual support given to families of military personnel in such circumstances was granted to the family of the deceased in terms of rights and support," the source said.

The period of incorporation of the youth called to military service began on 19 August and ended on 28 August. As part of this national operation, 17 military units spread over the entire territory were mobilized for the reception of conscripts.

Specialized commissions have processed the files of the conscripts to the military service and stopped the lists with 15.000 called, which will carry out their military service for the year 2019-2020, as from September 1st.

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