Mile Svilar, called with the Espoirs, has indeed chosen Belgium – All football


Big surprise in the selection of Johan Walem this Friday: the coach of the Espoirs has decided to appeal to Mile Svilar.

The young 20-year-old goalkeeper was called with the Serbian national team Espoirs, but preferred to answer the call of Johan Walem. His father Ratko assures us: "It was his decision, I did not influence him, he made his choice: he was born in Belgium, played in Anderlecht, went to school in Belgium. His only connection with Serbia is me, "laughs the former doorman and international Yugoslav.

"He also has a lot of friends in the Belgian Espoirs selection, yes, he was called by Serbia, but preferred to join Belgium". But where did the cold between Gert Verheyen and him come from at the time?


Verheyen had indeed called the player, who had not answered. "It was really a misunderstanding, Mile had changed numbers, never received a call, and we've been discussing it ever since," Ratko Svilar says. And Johan Walem so decided to give up the sponge.

"His situation in Benfica is difficult," admits the coach from his side. "But he plays with the reserves team, in D2 Portuguese, where he has a lot of work and plays with players aged 18 to 21 against players from 25 to 38", Walem point. Svilar plays well against adults, which is a plus for a hope.

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