migrants from Colombia camp Saint-Ouen town hall


On 30 July, South American families, mostly Colombian, were evacuated from their squat in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), which they had been occupying since March. Since then, they camp next to the town hall. They are about 80, including about forty children. They all have different paths. "I left Colombia because I received threats, I did not want to stay because I was in danger of death, criminal gangs told me, 'If you do not leave Colombia, you are The Farc"says a young man.

The squat represented a risk of insecurity according to the prefecture. "The place was very dry, there was no humidity, there was not even a cockroach, we had cleaned up all the dirt and we were repainting.", denies a political refugee. They were forced to leave the squat because a school will be built by 2022. The town hall of Saint-Ouen has not reacted. The prefecture accepted the camp until Sunday, August 25th. Then the families will be evacuated, at best relocated.

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