Michel Der Zakarian (Montpellier) after the defeat in Nantes: "We missed a lot" – Foot – L1 – Montpellier


Michel Der Zakarian (Montpellier coach, beaten in Nantes) : "We narrowly missed our choices, in the use of the ball. We did not put the right pass, the right center, there was the opportunity of Andy (Delort) face Lafont, strikes countered, the head of Vito (Hilton) on corner, that's all. We were not dangerous in the last thirty meters, not enough for my taste. (On fatigue, four days after the victory against LyonThis is not the excuse we have to look for, we were able to play more technically just. We made too many bad choices to hope to be dangerous, we were technically failing. "

"When you lose easy balloons …"

Arnaud Souquet (defender of Montpellier) "We must not hide behind fatigue, it would be a little too easy. There were many other losses, including a lot of ball losses. We never managed to do what we wanted to do. They worked their subject as well, with eccentric people following us to their defense. They defended almost to six. We could not find the solution to create the offsets. We made technical mistakes, easy ball losses. When there are not these ingredients, we get punished in the end. We will not always have teams that let us play, that let us hit the sides, bring centers. When you lose easy balls, especially in construction zones or in the last 30-40 meters, it's hard to have opportunities. "

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