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If LeBron James has overtaken Michael Jordan in points scored in the NBA, the current player Los Angeles Lakers is still far from the account in terms of revenues generated by its sponsorship deal with its equipment manufacturer.

Legend Michael Jordan outrageously dominates Forbes' list of players or former NBA players who have made the most money, from June 2018 to June 2019, thanks to their deal with an equipment manufacturer. The former Chicago Bulls No. 23, retired for more than 15 years, has his own brand, Jordan Brand, which allows him to reach $ 130 million in revenue in one year.

Behind him, LeBron James, second in the standings, has generated "only" 32 million dollars through his collaboration with Nike. Follow Kevin Durant (Nike), Stephen Curry (Under Armor) and Kobe Bryant (Nike).

This ranking established by the US economic magazine also highlights the supremacy of the tandem Jordan Brand – Nike in the footwear market worn by professional players in the NBA. Nine of the fourteen basketball players on the list are in contract with one of the two brands. And throughout the North American Championship, Nike and Jordan are the equipment manufacturers of 75% of the players. The duo does not want to stop there, since after basketball in the United States, Jordan Brand, helped by the parent company Nike, now wants to develop in Europe, including via football and Paris Saint-Germain.

Faced with this competition, other brands such as Adidas, Under Armor or Puma, recently returned to the NBA shoe market, are trying to exist by signing expensive contracts with big names, such as Stephen Curry or James Harden.

The Forbes ranking of revenues generated in a year by the sponsorship contracts (shoes only) of NBA players or former players:

1. Michael Jordan (Jordan), $ 130 million
2. LeBron James (Nike), $ 32 million
3. Kevin Durant (Nike), $ 26 million
4. Stephen Curry (Under Armor), $ 20 million
5. Kobe Bryant (Nike), $ 16 million
6. James Harden (Adidas), $ 14 million
7. Zion Williamson (Jordan), $ 13 million
8. Dwyane Wade (Li-Ning), $ 12 million
9. Russell Westbrook (Jordan), $ 12 million
10. Kyrie Irving (Nike), $ 11 million
11. Derrick Rose (Adidas), $ 11 million
12. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Nike), $ 10 million
13. Damian Lillard (Adidas), $ 10 million
14. Klay Thompson (Anta), $ 9 million

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