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Passing through Metz mixed zone on Friday night, Leonardo spoke at length on the soap opera Neymar. The opportunity for the sports director of Paris Saint-Germain to put pressure on FC Barcelona.

Mercato - PSG: Neymar, Leonardo puts the file in the hands of the Bar

Leonardo puts the ball in Bara's camp for Neymar.

The victory of Paris Saint-Germain Metz (0-2) is clearly in the background. Friday night, the star of the champion of France was well Leonardo, particularly expected in mixed zone after the match of the 4th day of Ligue 1.

The sports director had indeed promised to go for a media outlet anything but improvised. The present reporters have therefore changed with a very relaxed, joking, and very skilful leader to dodge unplanned topics.

Leonardo – depends on Barcelona

Leonardo could not be counted on to announce the end of PSG's recruitment. No, the former midfielder was there to talk about his compatriot Neymar. Or rather the passivity of a FC Barcelona unable to meet the fixed requirements. Our position has always been clear. They knew what we wanted, explained the DS. We received the first proposal written on August 27, five days after the end of the transfer window. One was even open to include other players to carry out the operation. After, we never had a written agreement with our conditions.

An agreement by Monday night? I do not know, depends on Barcelona, ​​he warned. Today, there is no agreement. It's up to the situation. (…) We always said at the beginning: if a proposal that satisfies us arrives, it can leave. This is not the case. He has a contract with us.The door remains open until the market closes. natural deadline in the words of the leader. Meanwhile, Paris will not move a finger, not even to propose Blaugrana in the transaction. No, a, does not exist, excludes Leonardo. It's Barcelona to make us proposals. We accept or we do not accept.

Dembl, it's still possible?

However, the champion of France has well planned to draw in the Barcelona squad. The boss of the sports sector has admitted, the lack of time almost forces Paris to recover the successor of Neymar in the transaction. His name was not mentioned at first, but the ideal rookie would obviously Ousmane Dembl (22 years) who, according to Leonardo, has not officially refused to be ready for PSG for a season.Honestly, we did not have a "no" or "yes". We had public reactions. (…) If we do not agree with the club, we can not negotiate with the players included in the discussions replied the DS, only in contact with Barcelona for the international auriverde.

This is confirmed, the French winger can, or could have become the key to free Neymar, with whom the relationship is difficult Leonardo recognized, without giving the impression that the situation was unbearable. A way to put the Bara at the foot of the wall after the end of the negotiations announced in the Spanish press on Friday, a bluff rat for the Catalan club … The soap opera could continue until Monday night, at least if Barcelona has the means to improve his proposal.

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