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On Friday, Leonardo revealed that FC Barcelona had made its first official bid for Neymar last Tuesday. This timing and several elements push to question the desire of the Bara to buckle the arrival of the Brazilian.

Mercato - PSG: the Bar

A departure to the Bara goes to Neymar

For two months, the file Neymar (27 years) agitated the football plant. Friday night, Leonardo made a commentary media outlet to take stock of the situation (read here). And the statements of the Paris sports director push to question the will of FC Barcelona to bring back the Brazilian star.

Bara's wait-and-see attitude

The theory of big bluff is not new. She also began trotting in the head of Parisian leaders just after the departure of Philippe Coutinho at Bayern Munich. Announcing it as the main exchange currency of the Bara, the Brazilian middle party left in ready, that is to say without bringing money into the crates to advance on the Neymar track. At the time, many announced the end of the Neymar file.

Finally, the rumors have persisted and the situation was animated this week with a meeting between the two clubs. A timing still surprising. Leonardo tells us that PSG has received the first proposal written on 27 August, five days after the end of the transfer window . After two months of discussions, it is late to make a first official proposal … Why did Bara not act earlier? If the Blaugrana really wanted Neymar, they could have found a solution well before to recruit him.

A bluff to appease the locker room?

This is the big question: did the Bara really want to bring back the Brazilian? The hypothesis of discussions engaged only to not put the locker room back, Lionel Messi and several executives wanting the return of Neymar, is admissible. Barcelona's president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, had decided to recruit Antoine Griezmann this t. With the arrival of the French, places are already attacked, and a recruitment of the Auriverde could bring more problems than solutions.

One thing is sure: Neymar wants to leave and PSG has opened the door, fixing its conditions. So the Bara may have just been engulfed in the game to play with the nerves of the club of the capital, with which relations are far from being in good shape in recent years, and also with those of the player, whose leaving in 2017 has never been digr by some internally. So, the management will be able to say that it tried everything, but that Paris was claiming too much money and that Ousmane Dembl did not want to leave.

Bara would not have talking about nothing Dembl

A willingness of Dembl hare since its agent confirmed it. Nevertheless, his case also raises questions. According to the Late Football Club, the player told Pierre Mns that the Bara had not even told him about a departure to PSG. Not only Barcelona does not put pressure on me, but Barcelona did not tell me anything … , he told the consultant Canal +. Again, this is an astonishing attitude as information circulates for several days that the French is the key of the case. does not give the impression …

On the side of the Catalan press, we do not really believe anymore. Mundo Deportivo voices an interview between Nasser Al-Khelafi and Bartomeu, Thursday Monaco, which would not even last a minute. What also sow doubt in the local media. Everything suggests that the president of Barcelona did not do everything to recruit Neymar, he who also affirmed a new t that Dembl is better as the Brazilian. This is not really the speech of a leader who wants to bring back a player of this caliber. We do not need to carter by Monday, but the drama is coming to an end. And Neymar seems well off to stay Paris …

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