Mercato: "It's not the coach who decides everything in a big club with a great big player"


Plunged in spite of himself in the series Neymar and his possible departure of the club before the end of the week, Thomas Tuchel responded with a smile in pre-match press conference on his player and refused to speak on the case of Ousmane Dembele.

The end of the transfer window

"I can only say that I'm calm, quiet, the world of football is crazy, anything can happen, it's not the moment to lose your head, it's like that, it remains 3 or 4 days, everything can happen, and maybe nothing will change, but I'm only the coach, the most important thing is to stay focused on things that we have a grip on: it's the team, it's the training is the preparation for a match like tomorrow, the rest, we'll see. "

A fixed deadline?


"You think we made a deadline on August 29 or 30? It's a little late for a deadline, right? The deadline is September 2nd now. Is it heavy for the group and for the construction of the team for the season? Indeed, it changes everything, but what can I say? I can give my opinion, and everyone knows it. Afterwards, you know that it is not the coach who decides everything in such a situation, in a big club with a great big player. This is a situation that concerns many parties. The first goal is to arrive on September 3rd, and then we can think again about the composition of this team. That's not what I would like, but it's the reality today in football. "

Contacts with Dembele


" Who said that ? The Spanish press? Oh yes, everyone says something and then I have to talk about it. I know "Ouss", it's easy to talk about it, there are rumors, there are a lot of things … As usual I do not talk about players if they are players from another club and Ouss has a contract with Barcelona. "

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