Mercato, effective, LOSC, OM … Cabaye starts strong!


Yohan Cabaye, in a press conference, ensures he already feels good to challenge the OM Sunday closing the 4th day of Ligue 1 (21h). Selected pieces :

Behind the scenes of his arrival at ASSE:

"I was in a complicated situation, without a club. I was lucky that ASSE is interested in me. I did not think long. I traded with Mathieu Debuchy before coming. He told me about the audience, the atmosphere in the team. I had other opportunities but less interesting than the ASSE.

His current physical state before OM:

Physically I feel very good. I have been preparing for 6 months to arrive with a solid foundation. What I miss is the benchmarks on the ground but it will return quickly. I'm ready to play in Marseille, it's the coach who will decide.

The draw of the Europa League:

The Europa League? It's a good group, it could have been more difficult. But all matches are complicated in this competition. We will have to be careful. We can hope to pass but it will be necessary to have the necessary level to compete. "

His opinion on the quality of the Green workforce

The fitness status of the players (ASSE) is very different. It will take some time for everyone to be at the same level and the team becomes competitive. I do not worry there is quality in the group. Wednesday's result in Lille is difficult to cash. We must use this to bounce back, get a result in Marseille and show that in Lille, it was an accident. "

Interviewed on Progress's Twitter account

Bastien Aubert

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