Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: A cheap dinner after the controversy


Pointed out for their supposed hypocrisy regarding the defense of the planet while they made several trips in private jet during the summer, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seek to regain their coat of arms? The lovers shared a dinner in a restaurant that offers meals at very affordable prices.

As reported by Mirror, the Duchess of Sussex and her husband were spotted, with their son Archie (3 months), in the pub Rose & Crown, from Winkfield in Berkshire, UK. Lovers stayed for two hours, Prince Harry pouring his meal of pints of beer, while Meghan Markle remained in the water. A meal in all simplicity whose total did not exceed 15 pounds, a little more than 16 euros !

A businessman who was there that night confided in Sun. "The staff knew clearly that they were there, but he remained discreet. They were sitting at a table with what I assumed to be a personal secretary. Meghan cuddled Archie a lot of the time. The little angel was very calm, I did not hear him cry once during their meal. They looked like a normal couple"he said.

Prince Harry, recently bereaved by the death of a relative, and Meghan Markle have returned to the United Kingdom after holidays in Ibiza, then in the south of France. If the prince and the duchess will gradually return to their occupations and obligations, they will also have to work on their image. The couple, who is said to be cold with Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William, was notably attacked because of the departure waltz in his staff. This disenchantment for the former American actress has also been measured in a wide survey that has placed the Duchess of Cambridge in front of her in terms of popularity …

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