Medicine: The carabine strike is over, but who has won?


On Wednesday, the government welcomed the signing of the minutes of an agreement between the deans of the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry and representatives of the students of these faculties, which approves the "relevant" claims, thus ending the strike movement experienced by the health university community.

Speaking at a press briefing after the Governing Council held on Thursday, the Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society and Government Spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi, indicated that the Council "was informed of the conclusion of the dialogue on strike action by students from the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, on the basis of a declaration by the Minister of National Education , vocational training, higher education and scientific research ", noting that the Council welcomed" the efforts of all stakeholders "to reach the conclusion of this agreement, which" will enable the demands to be met ". relevant students and put an end to the strikes.

It should be noted that students from the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry have been conducting strikes since last February to ask the government to respond to their claim file containing 16 points. While the government has accessed 14 of these points, the remaining two, regarding the residential access contest and the addition of a sixth year to obtain the dental degree, continue to be the subject of 'a disagreement.

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