Maxence Parrot in gold on his return


The Bromont skateboarder had a total of 91 points for her two best jumps of the day. He beat Sweden's Sven Thorgren (88.33) and Japan's Yuki Kadono (84.66).

Parrot took the lead in the preliminaries standings with a score of 90.

The 25-year-old had learned last December 21 that he had Hodgkin's disease. He had to end his season to undergo chemotherapy treatments. He announced on July 24 that he was in complete remission.

Maxence Parrot recorded a message to the fans, which was broadcast during the competition.

" Hi friends. As you know, I fought cancer this season, and I missed all competitions. It was very hard for me, but when I knew that there were X Games in Norway, it motivated me to finish my treatments as quickly as possible and to return to my board.

"For two months, I am officially in remission, says the Quebecer, and I train every day. The goal was to recover muscle and cardio levels as quickly as possible. I did a lot of airbag and trampoline. I have never felt so ready, and I can not wait to get back to the competition. "

Maxence Parrot at the top of the X Games Europe in Oslo, Norway

Maxence Parrot at X Games Europe in Oslo, Norway

Photo: You Tube / X Games

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