Mathieu Betts released by the Bears


If Mathieu Betts adventure in the NFL is to continue, it will not be in the regular lineup of the Chicago Bears. The Rouge et Or alumnus of Laval University was released by the team Friday night and his hopes of continuing his career in the circuit Goodell took a hard blow.

All is not over for Betts, though. Even though the Bears did not think it fit to fit in their 53-man roster, the linebacker could still be claimed by another team.

Otherwise, it is still possible for the Bears to keep him in their fold by reserving a place on their training team. Each team is entitled to a dozen additional players in this group who train full time with the rest of the club, but who is not in uniform or on the sidelines, during matches.

All teams have until Saturday at 4 pm to reduce their roster to 53 players. The various moves made in the four corners of the league will dictate the following things for Betts.

If no door opens for him in the NFL, the Edmonton Eskimos hold his rights in the Canadian League after making the third overall pick in the draft last May.

In the opinion of Chuck Pagano, the new defensive coordinator of the Bears, Mathieu Betts was revealed to be one of the great surprises of the team during the first training sessions.

At training camp, in the last weeks, even if he gave everything, he obviously did not convince the team that initially hired him as free agent to invest in his development.

In four preseason games in August, Betts recorded three tackles. Since he did not play a leading role on the special teams, where many young players have to make their mark to break into the grand circuit, it was to be expected that the terror of the Canadian university circuit would be a victim of cleaver.

That said, this is not a failure, in the sense that by 4 pm, no less than 1184 players across the league will have suffered the same fate as Betts. It's extremely difficult to break into the NFL by coming out of the Canadian university ranks, especially at Betts' position.

In April, just after the repechage, the Bears reached out to Betts after a tangle with the Arizona Cardinals, who had been the first to get along with him before retracting.

Now free as the air, Betts goes through the ballot and if no one claims, he could theoretically return to the Bears training team.

His deal with Chicago was expected to bring him more than $ 1.7 million for the next three seasons, according to

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