Match: Tuchel: "Not our best game but always organized and compact"


After the 2-0 victory in Metz, Paris coach Thomas Tuchel stopped a few seconds at the microphone of Canal + to debrief a complicated meeting. He was delighted with the Paris block and the good role of joker held by Choupo-Moting.

A PSG in control?

"We have never been quiet, but we have been serious. It was not easy to stay focused, there were many things that could have distracted us … The transfer window? Yes. The situation with the injured, too, is never easy but the team has found a level to win, a level to play seriously. It was not our best game but it was always organized, always compact and tight. We earned deservedly for this reason, it's never easy but it was good in this situation. "

Areola on the departure of PSG?

"Leonardo is going to talk about it but Alphonse is in a negotiation and he has decided not to play. This decision was respected. "

Navas who arrives at PSG?

"(He explodes with laughter then responds) I'm not talking about players who are with another team. If I appreciate it? I can not talk about it. "

The Neymar case:

"You can talk to Leonardo afterwards. It's better, he can say things that are interesting about him. "

Choupo-Moting, better than a joker?

"It's a joker for us and it's necessary that our joker be of quality. That's how it is his job to score and be there. This is the job of a joker and he is ours. "

Mbappé present for PSG / Real Madrid?

"I always have a little hope, always, with Edi and him. He is young, maybe he can recover his health a little faster than normal but it will be very fair. "

The draw of the Champions League:

"It's never easy, it's difficult. The pace of starting at home but then play Galatasaray and Bruges, it's difficult, complicated. It's a big challenge but we have to be ready. In my head, currently, there was Metz then Strasbourg and that's it. We do step by step. But it's a difficult group.

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