Match: The match, Choupo-Moting, Gueye, Bulka, the draw, Tuchel's confession after Metz / PSG (0-2)


If the star of Metz / PSG (0-2) was inevitably Leonardo, Thomas Tuchel had passed a press conference a few minutes before the Brazilian. He had returned to this complicated game in front of the press, commented on a few individual performances and then confided in the Champions League draw.

What he thought of the match with a revamped team:

It was not easy because it was a week with plenty of opportunities to be deconcentrated but the team found a very serious level, the team showed a serious performance. It was necessary to win because it's not easy to play against a team like Metz, very emotional, very strong (physically), very tight in a situation like that. Marcin (Bulka) was very good, Adil (Aouchiche) was OK during the first half, he lost a bit of confidence in the second half. But that's how it was and it was a team effort. It was not a brilliant performance but a serious one. In my opinion, it was obvious that we lacked one-on-one offensively and offensive qualities to create more opportunities but it's never easy. Given the current situation, it was really important to win and we played by keeping our clean sheet, the third time in four games. That's good because we never lost our organization, we always worked and that's it. It can be said that Idrissa Gueye gives us something special to be able to not let the opponent score.

Satisfied with Choupo-Moting who still marks:

Yes, because I know the boy for a long time, I know he is a guy who wants to take this responsibility and can do it at a very high level. For me, he remains a joker, a guy who can help us in a situation. When everyone is there, he can help us during the last 15 or 20 minutes but the current situation is what it is and it's never easy for an attacker. He did not score much last year and he regained that feeling and quality. This is the most important and it is necessary. Yes it's good. No, he did not come out injured, I do not think it's serious (note: he actually received a single shot).

His first yellow card received:

Yes, and I did not understand why because my team manager was sure it was for him. The referee gave it to me, maybe because I was demanding a lot in the first half. At that time, I was doing almost nothing but I have to accept.

His feeling about the draw:

It's a tough group, with tough opponents. The pace at which we will play, with a match against Real Madrid to start then the two matches in Istanbul and Bruges, is complicated for us. The first three games with two away can be really complicated and difficult but we must overcome obstacles if we want to pass this group and play the 8th. This is a big challenge because I expect three stages and three very emotional atmospheres. It's never easy to play the first match at home in Galatasaray and then in Bruges. After, we will make home, outside and home. It's difficult but it's clear before. It remains complicated, I hope everyone will come back (from injury) and we are able to fight at our best.

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