Match: Metz / PSG (0-2), Paris while mastering


PSG moved to Metz on the occasion of the fourth day of Ligue 1 and won 2-0 thanks to goals from Di Maria and Choupo-Moting in the first period on set kicks. PSG did the job and took the lead of the L1 before the other matches.

The essays :

The PSG bench: Areola, Miller, Kimpembe, Kurzawa, Kouassi, Paredes, Jesé

The eleven Metz against PSG: Oukidja – Centonze, Boye, Sunzu, Delaine – Fofana (Angban, 59th), Cohade (Gakpa, 70th), Maïga – Boulaya, Diallo, Nguette (Niane, 82nd)
The Metz bench: Delecroix, Cabit, Ndrome, Angban, Gakpa, Niane and Ambrose

The match sheet:

The goals : Di Maria (11th, 0-1, on penalty kick, provoked by Bernat), Choupo-Moting (0-2, 43rd, decisive by Verratti)

Warnings: Fofana (27th, obstruction on Di Maria), Tuchel (65th, challenge)

The ranking impact:

Before the match, the classification is as follows:

  1. Rennes: 9 points (+4)
  2. Lyon: 6 points (+8)
  3. PSG: 6 points (+6)
  4. Lille: 6 points (+3)
  5. Nice: 6 points (+1)

The live:

Metz kicks off against PSG 4-2-3-1, with Aouchiche moving in support of Choupo-Moting. Paris quickly took the ball and tried to build against aggressive messins in the laundry (3rd). The first alert is Metz on a cons with a good center of Cohade pushed to corner by Marquinhos (8th). The PSG responds by Di Maria who multiplies the dribbling on his wing and gets a corner (10th). He pulls him towards Choupo-Moting, who delivers to the first post for Bernat, who arrives. The Spaniard is broke and the referee whistles the penalty (10th)! DI Maria crosses his shot and opens the score (0-1, 11th).

Metz responds quickly and well with a quick attack but Thiago Silva watches over and rejects (13th). Paris now has the game in hand and Sarabia sends a good center that Choupo-Moting only scratches. On the counter it is Diallo who tries far but it passes right next (15th). Paris even close the break on a corner corner at the second post of Di Maria that Gueye takes a header but it's the bar that pushes (17th)! The match is stopped for a banner in the public, well ridiculous way (21st) …

After a minute and the withdrawal of the banner, it finally leaves, in a way equally ridiculous. Side messin, it is Diallo who stands out by clearing Thiago Silva before hitting but it is far from the frame (25th). Paris is well shaken by the locals and Verratti sees Fofana insert in the area and then center but Silva watch the grain (30th). Sarabia also manages to find Choupo-Moting a good pass but the Cameroonian, after a nice sham, is too collective and serves Aouchiche while he could frapepr (34th). Dagba stands out again right side and sends a center of quality but Sarabia unfortunately magnifies its control oriented in the surface (41e). It causes on the other hand a good off-center free kick that Verratti pulls and Choupo-Moting cuts his head to double the score of an unstoppable uncrossed head (0-2, 43).

Paris finishes strong and Bernat overflows before centering for Sarabia who controls, feints then hits but only gets a corner (45th). Di Maria pulls it well, Thiago Silva cuts but Oukidja is present to capture (45 + 1). At the break, PSG leads 2-0 without having really dominated Metz but it is effective and thanks to two kicks stopped. No change and the party leaves.

Metz is more aggressive but Bulka captures the center after a loss of ball Bernat (47th). Paris quickly takes the thing in hand and starts to run a lot Metz (52). Dagba and Choupo-Moting arrive in the 16m but a Messin clear (53). Choupo-Moting shifts Sarabia of a beautiful heel but Sarabia is taken in the surface (57th). Centonze, however, makes a huge breakthrough and serves Nguette but Dagba saves his camp in the surface of a beautiful intervention (58th). PSG do not get close to 3rd on a free-kick of Verratti at the back post but Marquinhos and Gueye are embarrassed (61st) … Paris also offers a good free-kick in Metz when Aouchiche walks on the foot of a Messin on the line of 16.5m (63e). Boulaïa pulls him hard and crosses but it passes right next (64th)!

Paris took the opportunity to make a change, outgoing Aouchiche for Paredes, and Tuchel gets excited about the referee (65th). The Argentine is in front of the defense with Gueye when Verratti plays in 10. Marquinhos also offers a golden ball to Di Maria in depth that strikes right but Oukidja pushes back to corner (67th). PSG is sometimes a little defensive but Gueye sends a huge tackle on Diallo to get the ball (72). In the 79th, Boulaïa set the first shot Metz but Bulka relaxes and pushes.

The end of the match is quite open and Tuchel sends Kurzawa on the meadow for Verratti (83). Bulka, however, is a huge fright on a shot from any distance he lets pass under his belly and ends in a corner by a miracle. He catches up happily with a nice exit on this one (86th). The end of the match is approaching and Choupo-Moting has to come out after a bad blow, Jesé taking his place (90th). Messins multiply shots at the end of the game and Di Maria also takes one on the knee …

PSG finally won 2-0 in Metz in a match before the break. Paris was solid and realistic.

The pre-match:

8:40 pm: Both teams enter the field.

20h35: 200 Parisians announced in Metz

8:30 pm: Sacred mascot messin side

20h20: All staff are present at Saint-Symphorien

20h15: Parisians are warming up

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