Match: Metz / PSG (0-2), individual performances


PSG won 2-0 in Metz without trembling in a match marked by the beautiful collective control of Thomas Tuchel's troops. Feedback on individual performances on a case by case basis.

Bulka: The Pole was celebrating his first appearance with PSG, and even his first appearance as a professional at all, and he escaped by keeping his clean sheet, which is always a good thing and a positive sign for a goalkeeper. With the exception of a very quiet exit in the 20th minute, he saw the Messins do not really solicit and shoot around the frame for more than 75 minutes. He then makes his first stop on a free-kick far and then magnifies on an attempt to hit that passes under his belly but ends happily in a corner. He will catch up with a nice exit, his last action of a first that could have gone wrong but ends well.

Dagba: Relatively wise at the beginning of the game, he focuses on his defensive role and is sure in this area, although he is a bit far on the first against local. It will be practically his only defensive error of the game as he is going to be fair and present for the rest of the game, being clever in the duels as a wise placement when he returns perfectly in the box at the time of Offensively, he timidly started and then was a permanent fix for the rest of the match. His climbs were well dosed, his partners often found him and he was smart on his centers, despite a slight slack on the end. In full battle for the right holder position with Meunier, he has yet released a big game.

Marquinhos: Once again in central defense, the Brazilian lived a game that will have been quiet enough. Without a direct opponent most of the time except for the end of the game where the powerful Diallo has sometimes put him in difficulty, he has made a significant number of interventions to correct errors, like two impeccable well-managed defensive heads. With the ball, he often tried to move forward and was especially good talking his long game. It is in this way that he sends Di Maria to the goal towards the hour of play.

Thiago Silva: The Paris captain most often had the very strong Diallo against him and he sometimes suffered against the power of the Senegalese, being for example erased on a beautiful sequence in the first period. For the rest, he has often been very present and useful in his role as boss he recites for years in Ligue 1. Strong on the centers, author of some interventions felt, he also tried to bring a little ball on foot but especially let Marquinhos in this register.

Bernat: Strange match for the Spanish side, but not really reassuring. Little seen offensively at the beginning of the game, it is he who provokes the penalty of the opening of the score by fitting wisely into the box. It will not be seen, however, that enough to the forefront. Rather focused on his defensive mission with a real desire to secure his corridor, he does not always very well. More rare about him, he will also lose several balls against the opposing pressure and thus generate adverse opportunities. An average match in the end, decisive but not very positive so far.

Gueye: A week after a successful start, the Senegalese midfielder has largely confirmed that he was making his hole in the starting lineup and is starting to find his marks with Verratti. The newcomer is not yet 100%, evidenced by his races where he sometimes appeared in pain to come back to defend, but he gave himself thoroughly and was valuable for his team. Able to harass permanently and until the end of the match, he also managed some nice interventions including a big tackle at the end of the game. In the game, he was more often used in relay than at the base of the actions, so in 8, and sometimes suffered with the ball, Metz aiming at him in a very aggressive pressing where he lost some balls. That remains the only negative point of this new big match, with in addition a head stitched on the bar which could still raise the balance sheet. After the match, both Leonardo and Tuchel praised his immediate contribution to the team.

Verratti: His duo of small in front of the defense with Gueye was renewed and the Italian still released a sacred performance. Present before the Paris defense to organize the first stimulus, he will necessarily achieve it even if he has not won a great pass as it can happen, suffering from a lack of solutions before him. It does not matter how much, Verratti has had two indirect free-kicks: the first hit, the second should have if Marquinhos and Gueye had not been embarrassed. Elusive to the revival and impassable face the opposing pressing, Verratti was equally generous to the recovery despite its lack of size. Permanent stalker, he will win a large number of defensive duels and allow the Parisian defense to be globally well protected. Passed a notch higher for the end of the match, he finally leaves a few minutes later in favor of Kurzawa. Entered as a left offensive midfielder, he will play on this occasion his first minutes in official match this season.

Di Maria: Placed on the left side, the Argentinian was in charge of lighting the attacking sector and he will manage to reach it, creating the corner of the opening of the score on penalty by dribbles before playing it quickly and well for Choupo -Moting and then converting it afterwards with an impeccable counter-foot. The most destabilizing player of PSG, he will often hurt his dribbling and embarrass Metz, without being always dangerous. Passed right after the break, it is then less visible and more often found in transition, escaping and passing not far from the break on a right strike. In physical difficulty on the end even if he will play the 90 minutes, he gets lost a little and becomes more messy.

Sarabia: Placed on a right side that he knows well, the Spaniard will mostly suffer from a Parisian game that leans towards the other side, before the break, or does not happen to him when he is replaced a notch more high, and it will not weigh enough during most of the match. He regularly repiquifies or offers solutions by his constant movements but he will never succeed in getting into the ball game, like a center of Dagba he does not operate well in the first period. Yet he is the one who causes the free-kick of 2-0 but he too often misses the right in his choices to hurt. On the other hand, we must note his absolutely exemplary defensive involvement from start to finish.

Aouchiche: The surprise of the leader was expected as a midfielder, it is ultimately more as a second striker he has evolved, so very high on the field. For his first at 17 years, the young Parisian has been very generous and he will have run a lot in the vacuum, giving himself without counting to the laundry to relieve his teammates. It's going to cost him a lot, including a dangerous free-kick just before his exit, but the mood was perfect. Regarding the game, it will mostly play simple for his partners before the break, playing mostly in handing and not enough towards the goal, and it will not change after the break when he passes left. Still a little physically tender, he will have often suffered in the contacts in front of stronger Messins to which he opposed all his will. For a troubleshooting mission, he will have fulfilled his role. Paredes replaced him for the last half hour and miraculously escaped his traditional yellow starter card. After this muscular entry, he will continue the good defensive work of his partners, succeeding some interesting ball out and sent several passes slamming. For a player who was surely expecting to start, we must salute the effort to enter the match with a good state of mind.

Choupo-Moting: The Cameroonian does not stop being decisive, he who was so mocked last year. Top-scorer, it is especially in a role of discount that he is used and it is he who shifts Bernat on the action of the penalty leading to the opening of the score. Sometimes hard to find in the opposing defense, it is then too collective when shifting Aouchiche rather than hit after a good sequence. He catches up in the wake of an unstoppable head and perfectly realized to double the stake. Combined in the duels, just technically and physically face opponents yet well endowed, he will even afford a big sequence that will be poorly paid shortly before the end. The joker Choupo-Moting could leave then, author of a new good match. Jesé replaced him for the last seconds, just over seven months after his last official match with PSG.

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