Marcel Ledun, puppeteer creator of teddy bear "Good night little ones", is dead


The puppeteer became famous with the television died in Lille at 90 years.

"Good night little …": these words that rocked the childhood of many French people, came out of the mouth of a famous teddy bear, Teddy. Its creator, the puppeteer Marcel Ledun, died on August 31, 2019 at the age of 90 years.

Born in 1930, Marcel Ledun discovered very quickly, in the North of France, that he will be a puppeteer: an art that he learned in the early 50's first contact with the troupe of "Little comedian rags", then Louis Pajot, descendant of an illustrious dynasty, the Pajot-Walton's Company, which perpetuates the tradition of the marionette puppet for two centuries.

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The television will give Marcel Ledun a magnificent showcase. In 1962, director Claude Laydu called on him to host a daily program for early childhood. It will be "Good night, the little ones!", With Nicolas, Pimprenelle, the sandman and so the famous Teddy bear, who invited a generation of young to go to bed early. Ledun has Teddy bear in this very popular program for two decades until 1976.

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