M Pokora in love with Christina Milian: he knew she would be the mother of her children!


From the beginning, M Pokora is convinced that his sweetheart Christina Millian would be the mother of his children. Discover his touching revelations!

For some time now, M Pokora and Christina Millian have become a couple. The young man even decided to leave France to join his beloved. A terrible drama for his fans since the young man had also made the choice to cut social networks. And recently, the two lovebirds announced a big news. Indeed, the beautiful is pregnant with their first child. A real moment of joy and happiness as M Pokora is not dad.

In an interview with E! News, Christina Millian has made several revelations. Notably that M Pokora being convinced that she would be the mother of his children. She confided: "We met in a restaurant in France. The manager insisted on introducing us because we were both singer, and I said "yeah, ok" but I did not not even see what he looked like" .

Christina Millian completely charmed by M Pokora

Christina Millian also added about her relationship with the singer: "Then he came past me and I was in wow mode, he looks like that? OKAY! So we got exchanged our numbers and we realized we had the same birthday dayand it's as if the stars had aligned themselves. He (note: M Pokora) told me "we are going to have a child together". It was that same night. So I said, "just so you know, I already have one" .

Christina Millian also concluded: " A 9 year old girl. And M Pokora added, "Well, you did not no boy". And there he had me! The nerve ! From the beginning, he wanted to meet Violet. He was thoroughly. It was so nice. I do not have never seen anyone like that." . Statements about their couple really sweet and touching. The singer actually has a very beautiful relationship with the daughter of his darling.