Luzenac should have played in Ligue 2


Luzenac, commune of 499 souls located in the department of Ariège. In the summer of 2014, the blow was terrible for his football club, now in Regional 1. Promoted sports in Ligue 2, Luzenac had met with the refusal of the LFP, the governing body reproaching him for not filling all the financial criteria required. A long legal battle was then engaged, providing joys and sorrows to the LAP. After more than three months of intense battle, the chopper fell. After the unfavorable opinion given by the CNOSF, the administrative court of Toulouse opposed the rise of the club in L2.

Except that the Dispatch of the Midi evokes this Saturday an improbable turnaround. " Almost five years to the day after the Luzenac Ariège Pyrenees was prevented from accessing the Ligue 2, the second chamber of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Bordeaux has just overturned the judgment of the Administrative Court of Toulouse of May 16, 2017 and also cancels the decision of the LFP of August 27, 2014, "Reveals the newspaper. The LFP's board of directors therefore had no right to prevent the Luzenac Ariège Pyrénées from gaining access to Ligue 2. A victory for the LAP President, Jérôme Ducros, after more than five years of judicial trouble.

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