LIVE – Brexit: Boris Johnson warns MPs against blocking attempts



Back in the UK after an inconclusive diplomatic marathon, Boris Johnson will have to face the British opposition, which does not want to hear about a "no deal". Labor, whose leader Jeremy Corbyn met with other opposition leaders, wants to unite opponents of the Prime Minister to avoid a "no deal" at all costs.

The fear of Corby, a "no deal" favorable to the United States, supported by Donald Trump who, Judge Labor MP, "will not return our sovereignty and we will put under the yoke of Trump and big American companies."

A mistrust that will take the form of a vote of no confidence in Johnson, he hopes to get through the mistrust of some members of the Conservative Party, a good part wants to maintain good relations with the European Union. It will take place on September 3 and, for now, is badly engaged. Present at the meeting, the Liberal Democrats do not want new elections at the moment. As for the pro-European conservatives, well aware that new elections could bring Corbyn to power, they did not follow up on the meeting.

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