Lille: the bargain hunters are back at the sale


At D – 1 of the launch, it is necessary to have a well – stocked wallet to hope to spend the night of the clearance sale in the center of Lille. All accessible hotels in the Flemish capital have been filling up for several weeks. Friday, it is almost on the fingers of one hand that we counted the remaining rooms, more than 200 € for two people. The Airbnb Internet booking website announced 3,000 rentals booked for the weekend. Canceled in 2016 because of the risk of bombing, the Grande Braderie Lille has struggled so far to find its visitors, but this year should change the situation.

"We are very happy," smiles Sebastien Restagno, president of the Lille Métropole hotel club. Especially as the international clientele returns. If the Belgians, the English and the Dutch have never really deserted, the Japanese, Indonesians and Americans – North and South – come back this year. We could not see them since the cancellation of 2016. They are clearly reassured. "

The 1200 concrete blocks installed for a few days along the 50 km of stalls are the visible witnesses of this securing. There will also be 3,000 police officers, a plane, two helicopters and a large CCTV so everyone feels confident. Moreover, "this year, the journalists do not ask any more to make subjects on the security", one amuses ones in town hall.


"We feel a real excitement, confirms Selic Lenne at the tourist office. We are much more in demand than in 2017 and 2018. By phone and email, but also physically at the office. Many tourists have already arrived. The difference is that, unlike the two previous years, we are no longer questioned about safety. These are mainly practical questions, such as knowing where to park. "

"2016 was the sell-off of the cancellation, 2017 of the resurrection, 2018 of the confirmation. That of 2019 will be that of consecration, fun Jacques Richir, deputy mayor in charge of the event. We are very serene, the weather looks ideal and bradeux are at the rendezvous since almost all of the 5,000 sites for individuals are reserved. 615 professional second-hand dealers are expected, 10% more than last year.

The public will answer present because, to the full hotels, it is necessary to add all the Lilleois who welcome at home family and friends. The houses are also full. And then, we are in tune with the times with a now completely recyclable clearance sale, since only riparian traders have the authorization to sell new. "

Two million bargain hunters are expected on Saturday for this Grand Braderie 2019 which starts at 8 am and ends Sunday at 18 hours. Rens. on

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