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The opening on Sunday afternoon of a hypermarket of Angers is it a new offensive of the supermarket against the law on the rest Sunday? What are the issues for the sector? What the law says ?

After a supermarket Casino Saint-Etienne, which tests this new operation since April, it was the turn of a hypermarket of the sign, in Angers, to switch to "automatic" mode on Sunday afternoon , August 25th. A passage heckled by about 200 protesters, and which augurs, according to unions and analysts, a new offensive of large distribution against the law on Sunday rest. What are the issues for the sector? What the law says ? We explain to you.

The opening of a food business on Sunday is allowed

TRUE. All food shops are allowed to open on Sundays up to 13 hours, according to the Ministry of Economy. In addition, a business without employees can open on Sunday without prior authorization, unless a prefectural decree prohibits it. It is also possible to open a business on Sundays if it needs to be opened for reasons of production constraints, activity or the needs of the public (hotels, restaurants, entertainment companies, bakeries, pastry shops, DIY stores , transport companies, press, markets, fairs …).

On the other hand, the law forbids supermarkets to employ employees after 13 hourson Sundays, except in international tourist areas (18 in Paris, Alpes-Maritimes, Calvados, Côte-d'Or, Loire-Atlantique and Val-de-Marne).

The exception in some stations
Shops located in a train station are also allowed to open on Sunday if the business is in one of the following stations: Paris Saint-Lazare, Paris North Station, Paris Gare de l'Est, Paris Montparnasse, Paris Gare de Lyon, Paris Austerlitz, Avignon-TGV, Bordeaux Saint-Jean, Lyon Part-Dieu, Marseille St. Charles, Montpellier Saint-Roch, Nice-Ville.

How then, the hypermarket of Angers he could open on Sunday afternoon? The store operated with automatic pay stations and non-payroll staff – service providers – four cash handlers and eight security guards.

The opening of the Angers hypermarket on Sunday afternoon is legal

True and false. "We respect the rules," said a spokesman for Casino this week, saying that "they are employees who have the right to work the dimanche. We have 82 stores open under these conditions in France and that has never been a problem. "Yes, but they were not hypermarkets.

In fact, the Secretary of State for the Economy, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, assured Tuesday on BFM Business that the government would examine if this opening was legal: "There are certainly automatic boxes, but there is also a little staff, a guard (…), this staff is working in service delivery, so there is a question of whether there is a bypassing the law. (…) The second thing is to see what it creates both as an advantage for the French because it is a service but also as unfair competition vis-à-vis merchants, especially small independent traders (…) I am not sure that we are very comfortable with the idea that we open every Sunday at any time and why not the night shops (…) But we can not ignore the evolutions of consumption ".

By way of argument, the supermarkets relies on the e-commerce competition to claim extended hours. "We must be closer to the expectations of customers who shop on the internet 24 hours a day," says Casino. "It is a banalization of Sunday work at a lower cost since the hostesses of crates and vigils deployed by the company provider will not be entitled to the increases provided", ie 30% mandatory on Sunday morning, increased to 50% at Casino, answers Jean Pastor, central CGT representative of the Casino Group.

Who's shopping on Sunday?
Complementary to the widest hours observed during the week, the opening of sales outlets on Sunday meets the expectations of some consumers who are less available on weekdays. We find a rather young and well-off clientele, especially senior executives. In addition, more than half of the purchases are made by households under 50, according to Nielsen.

The opening of stores on Sunday, it can pay big

TRUE. Sunday weighs only 4.5% of sales in supermarkets but represents 41% of its growth in 2019 according to a study published by the firm Nielsen. And the turnover of Sunday "progresses from year to year, with a significant growth of 8.6% since the beginning of the year" says Daniel Ducrocq, Director of Distribution at Nielsen. In pole position, the hypermarkets, with + 30.5% growth on Sunday, are at the forefront of the progress observed in 2019, ahead of drives.

This is a "phenomenon primarily related to recent openings, including Auchan, which now has nearly 90% of its hypermarkets open on Sunday," he adds. Already outperforming this niche, convenience stores are seeing their Sunday sales stabilize this year. But all the same: one euro out of ten comes from Sunday in this supermarket circuit.

Sunday, Paris records the highest sales increase

FALSE. The strong rise in Sunday sales is particularly noticeable in some large cities such as Lille (+ 22%), Lyon (+ 19%), Marseille (+ 15%) but especially in … Strasbourg (+ 29%).

The rise is more moderate in Paris (+ 7.5%) because of the strong weight of proximity in the capital. Sunday there possesses already a anchorage 6.3% of sales are made this day, just behind Nice and Toulon (6.9% each), but ahead of Valenciennes (5.8%), Montpellier (5.7%), Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. en-Provence (5.5%), Bethune (5.4%), Avignon (5.3%), Tours (5.2%) and Grenoble (5.2%). On the other hand, Sunday accounts for only 1.6% of sales in Angers, 1.5% in Nantes and 1.9% in Rennes.

On Sundays, we mainly buy emergency products

True and false. Among the top 10 best-selling categories on Sunday, there are troubleshooting products, such as pipe openers (6.6%), fire products (6.3%), frozen potatoes (6.3%) and chilled fruit drinks (6.2%), but not only .

According to the Nielsen study, we also sell a majority various festive products such as foie gras (6.9%), chocolate tins (6.8%), smoked salmon (6.6%), ice cream and ices (9.7%), champagne (6.3%) %) and frozen seafood (6.3%).

The additional openings of December make the weight of Sunday strongly increase: last December, Sunday accounted for almost 10% of total sales (9.7% exactly) all products combined! Note that these Sunday shopping before the holidays accentuate the "Sunday-dependence" of festive products.

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