Lewis Hamilton (soon) the man of all records


Lewis Hamilton (soon) the man of all records – © ATTILA KISBENEDEK – AFP

Lewis Hamilton is not yet the man of all records in Formula 1, but the British is getting closer. With 81 wins, an average of one all-time Grand Prix success since the beginning of his career, he is only ten points behind Michael Schumacher.

The difference is almost the same as regards the number of podiums: 155 for Schumi, 144 for Lewis Hamilton. These two records, he could therefore appropriate them in the months to come. The pole positions? It's been a long time since he's been the record holder. 87 so far, it's already 19 more than the German Champion. Lewis Hamilton is also number 1 in points scored: 3268 since its debut in 2007. And in just over twelve years, he has traveled nearly 22,000 kilometers at the head of a Grand Prix. That's 4326 laps in first place, again, alone Schumi did better.

With seven world titles, Michael Schumacher is still, for now, the most successful driver of all time. But Lewis Hamilton and his five crowns do not intend to stop there. If he is crowned at the end of the year, the leader of the Mercedes team will come back to a length of Michael Schumacher. It could therefore, why not, already equal in 2020 before the appearance of the new regulation, which could redistribute the cards in 2021.

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