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Every lunchtime, Jean-Luc Reichmann gathers thousands of viewers in front of their TV screen with his show, The 12 strokes of noon. At this moment, and since April 25th, this is Paul, the master of midday. The candidate, suffering from Asperger syndrome and a real living encyclopedia, is marking the history of the game since he already ranks third in the ranking of the greatest champions. At only 20, he is the youngest candidate to have integrated. The opportunity to (re) discover the ten best candidates: those who precede him, but also those he has easily dethroned.

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1. Christian Quesada

At the top of this top 10, we find Christian Quesada with 193 participations. He entered the game in July 2016 before being eliminated in January 2017 and leaving with 809 392 euros winnings and gifts. He discovered 7 mysterious stars and made 64 master shots.

2. Paul (in progress)

Wikipaul is still in the running. It is, on Tuesday August 12, at its 106th participation. He has for the moment made a clear round. He discovered 3 mysterious stars and made 38 master shots. His kitty amounted to 481 398 euros, August 1.

3. Veronique

She is the first woman in this ranking. Véronique was appointed midday master on April 5, 2018 before being eliminated after 100 participations. She left with 447,226 euros of gains and gifts in July 2018. She made 39 master shots and discovered 4 mysterious stars.

4. Timothy

Timothy was eliminated after 83 participations June 14, 2017. He left with 353,348 euros winnings and gifts. He made 29 master shots and discovered 3 mysterious stars.

5. Benedict

Benoît marked the beginning of the year 2019. He arrived on January 18 before being eliminated on April 9 after 82 participations. He amassed € 397,946 of gains, made 28 master shots and discovered 3 mysterious stars.

6. Bruno

Bruno arrived in the game on August 8, 2013 and was eliminated in October after 80 participations. He left with 393 650 euros winnings and gifts. In total, he made 34 master shots and discovered three mysterious stars.

7. Xavier

Xavier could have gone far in the adventure but he decided to leave after finding a job. It took off after 76 participations March 21, 2013. He left with a nice pot of EUR 335,856 after discovering 3 mysterious stars and realized 32 master shots.

8. Alexander

Alexandre left the game after 75 participations in January 2011, 37 master shots and the discovery of 5 mysterious stars. He left with 417 828 euros.

9. Sylvain

Sylvain arrived on the show in April 2016. He was eliminated three months later after 75 participations, like his predecessor. However, he left with a smaller pot: he won EUR 335,593 of earnings. He made 30 master shots and discovered 4 mysterious stars.

10. Lucia

Lucia closes the ranking. This is the second woman to be in this top 10. She was eliminated after 73 participations. During her adventure, she discovered 5 mysterious stars and made 30 master shots, which allowed her to leave, in June 2012, with 380,670 euros.

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