Leonardo takes stock of the Neymar case


Very interesting this exit, everyone will go for his interpretation. One thing is about he has Leo class and excels in this area.

The second thing that is sure is that the press has been walking for a good month, even if we knew more or less Between the lines now, we read that if Dembélé is ok, it can be done, but this is the only way possible otherwise Neymar will remain because we will not find his replacement in 2 days

I do not see Leo tell tales, besides he would be taken by the barca. If I understand what he explains, I realize that the barca really takes the club for the m..de and there it is called disrespect, or it's really tocards. Including players in the deal when they do not agree is also a lack of respect for the player. Dembélé, he takes it how this case? Barça is a big club by the track record but a small club by the leaders.

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