Leonardo takes stock of Neymar, Areola, Navas …


In mixed zone, Leonardo took stock of the transfer window of the PSG.


"The first written offer of Barça, we received it on August 27. We were ready to discuss, even to include players to finish the operation. Today, there is no agreement. Neymar? his position has always been clear but ours too. We always said, if there is an offer that satisfies us that happens, he could leave, but it is not the case. He has a contract with us and there is no agreement. Everyone knows our position. We thought about a deadline, There is no deadline, but it comes naturally. We do not agree. (…) The condition of his departure is always the same, no club has the money to buy it. With Barça and the other clubs, we always wanted to negotiate with the idea of ​​including players who could join us. There is nothing planned with Barça in the coming days. "

"Neymar is an extraordinary player. I did not know him before. With time, I appreciate Neymar, the person he is. He's a good boy. After our relationship, we must admit, this is not the best relationships. "


"It's not done yet, there are discussions. Today, he was not ready to play because of the negotiations, I was a bit surprised. Navas? It is also a possibility. This will be according to the Areola folder. "

The season

"I think it will be a difficult season. We have a lot of things to manage, like the players at the end of the contract. It will not be the bling-bling season "we will win the Champions League", it's not that, it will not be like that. We will reorganize. We do not see our ambitions down. "

A PSG interest for Matuidi and Dybala?

"No, we talk a lot with other clubs. But that, we'll talk about it a little later, after the transfer window. "

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