Leonardo announces a complicated year!


Friday night, Paris Saint-Germain has won two goals to zero against FC Metz at Stade Saint-Symphorien. The Parisians showed up without Neymar (still out of the group) and without Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappé (injured). Areola, he was left on the bench substitutes since he is in negotiation with Real Madrid. In the afternoon, the Parisians learned who would be their opponents in the group stage of the Champions League.

Obviously a little weakened, one obviously wonders if the Paris SG intends to move on the transfer window when the latter closes its doors this Monday evening. It is unlikely, outside the goalkeepers and especially players possibly traded against Neymar, the mercato moves in all directions in Paris. Yet the workforce seems a bit short when injuries accumulate and, we know, it is the prerogative of Paris SG. But there are other things to settle if you believe Leonardo.

" It will not be the bling-bling season "

" In truth, as you know, we will have time to speak afterwards. The palette is wide. Financial side, structural transfer window, it is not easy. We are trying to organize. I think it will be a difficult season. There are many things to see. It may be said that this is not an ideal situation. Yes, but there is none. There are things to settle? Yes. We have to see how we are going to live with certain situations, yes. We have players at the end of the contract? Yes. We have a lot of things. It's like that. It will not be the season bling-bling: "yes we will win the champions' League" no it will not be like that. We will seek to reorganize, review things, discuss "Explained PSG's sports director to the media.

Of course, after this answer, everyone wondered if the requirements of the Paris SG had decreased or if the ambitions were decreasing. No, it is not so. Leonardo is just trying to calm everyone down. " Ambitions are not down, ambitions, it is obliged to Paris Saint-Germain. I'm just saying we have things to fix He concluded on the subject. The year promises to be, if not complicated, at least hot in Paris.

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