Lech Walesa asks Trump to redo the United States "the empire of good"


(Warsaw) Donald Trump should strive to restore the moral leadership of the United States to become "the empire of good", says former trade union leader and Polish President Lech Walesa, three days away from a visit in Poland of the American president.

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Mr Trump is expected Sunday in Warsaw for the 80e anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War which had started on the 1stst September 1939 by an attack of Nazi Germany against Poland.

"President Trump, I urge you to regain the position of world leader for the United States," said 75-year-old Walesa, leader of the union Solidarity and Nobel Peace Prize, in an interview published Thursday by the daily Rzeczpospolita.

"The world needs leadership from the United States. Moral and political leadership, not just economic and military leadership, "he continued.

"I have a message for President Trump: the United States has for years been the empire of good that has led the world," said Walesa. "They still have a military and economic edge over the others, but morally and politically, the United States is no longer the world leader."

Speaking of "empire of good", the former Polish president refers to the expression "empire of evil" used in 1983 in the midst of the euromissile crisis by US President Ronald Reagan to qualify the USSR.

Led by Mr. Walesa, the Solidarity trade union was transformed into a vast social movement that precipitated the collapse of the communist regime in Poland in 1989. The following year Walesa won the first free presidential election after 1945.

In cold weather with the Polish conservative government, Walesa said he would not participate in the anniversary ceremonies on Sunday in Warsaw.

Mr Trump will be virtually the only world leader to take part and make a speech, preceded by those of his Polish and German counterparts. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been invited.

According to the Polish Presidency, some 40 delegations are expected, about half of them led by heads of state.

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