Le Matin – Kick-off of the fourth Atlas Electronic Festival


Initiated under the sign "Moving Forward", this fourth edition unveils a new line-up combining music, talks, debates, creations and workshops.

The fourth edition of the Atlas Electronic Festival was kicked off on Thursday night in Marrakech with a breathtaking musical show that showcases traditional Moroccan and African music, exploring new musical horizons and inviting colors of the world to merge.

At the heart of the picturesque Villa Janna ecolodge, in the heart of the Marrakech Palmeraie, the public came in large numbers was rewarded during the opening night of the fourth Atlas Electronic Festival in Marrakech with a rich blend of contemporary electronic music and Arab influences and Berbers, all set up in a place of the most sumptuous and exotic. With mergers that invite to discovery and exchange, the show started with an unprecedented performance by Jauk Armal, before going on with a musical cocktail performed brilliantly by the Houariyates, James Holden and Mâalem Houssam Gania and Tarwa N Tirini, mixing compositions and traditional music with modern and Western rhythms.
Throughout the show, the audience was in total interaction with the artists who delighted the euphoric crowd with innovative and creative pieces reflecting the soul of this unmissable event of international and local electronic music. Original music, dance, plays of light, captivating staging, Atlas Electronic has gathered all the ingredients of a successful evening in the open air for the great pleasure of the music lovers of this musical style.
In a statement to MAP, Atlas Electronic Festival's executive producer, Réda Kadmiri, said this edition stands out for its focus on the local scene, highlighting Moroccan and African artists who represent the majority, noting that this trend will be confirmed in future editions.
The big surprise of this edition will be the participation of the New York legend, Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, who will present a unique hybrid set "Sacred Rythms and Cosmic Art", resulting from his cultural immersion, he said.
Atlas Electronic is a festival dedicated not only to electro music, but also to traditional music, he said, adding that arts and culture are also present through technical and artistic workshops.
Initiated under the sign "Moving Forward", this fourth edition, which unveils a new line-up combining music, talks, debates, creations and workshops, will continue until September 1, with the participation of more 130 artists representing some fifteen countries, half of which are of African origin. The festival aims to raise awareness every year of the issue of intercultural mobility and wishes to highlight the inequalities in freedom of movement and displacement, and their consequences on the global cultural landscape.
In this sense, "Atlas Electronic" has put in place a program that addresses the theme from different angles and through various artistic disciplines: music, photography, video, workshops and debates.
In addition to the musical line-up, "Atlas Electronic" offers a beautiful platform for other forms of art, such as the "Afrorack" project of the Ugandan Bamanyan Brian or "Guedra", a feminine project of traditional dance. Festival-goers will also be able to enjoy talks and debates on different topics, including "copyright" and "emancipation of artists".

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