Le Matin – Back to school 2019-2020: Classes will start next Thursday


The courses will actually start on September 5 for the three cycles of education (primary, secondary and secondary qualifying) and preparatory classes for the diploma of senior technician, said the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, higher education and scientific research.
In a statement, the ministry said that the cadres and officials of the pedagogical administration and the inspectorate, managers in charge of the management of financial services, frameworks of orientation and educational planning, and administrative support, pedagogical and social and common administrative cadres, all ranks, will join their positions on September 3, 2018, while the faculty will join his position on September 4.
On this occasion, the Minister affirms to have taken all the necessary measures to the good progress of the operation and the reception and the orientation of the pupils and their parents, as well as for the leveling up of the schools, the opening of the school canteens and boarding schools and the mobilization of human resources.

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