Las Vegas plays the copy card to attract tourists


This is the paradox of a city that is unique in the world. Las Vegas is past mistress in the art of copying. Most of its hotels and casinos have a theme: Paris, the Egyptian pyramids, New York and its Empire Stadium Building or Rome, Julius Caesar period. These buildings are concentrated on the main boulevard, the Strip. The sets are free to visit and pay homage to these big cities. These universes also serve as survival for hotels subject to competition. On the strip road, 30 of them are competing with, for each, an average of 3,000 rooms to fill. Those who do not stand out are doomed to disappear.

Bankrupt hotels are demolished with a bonus fireworks. To resist, you have to take out the big game: a Eiffel Tower 165 meters, half the size of the real, is the emblem of a complex entirely dedicated to France. The construction of the complex cost $ 700 million and lasted two years. Las Vegas attracts 42 million visitors each year. It is the 7th most popular tourist destination in the United States and certainly the most extravagant.

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