Lannion. Caregiver Advocates in the United States for More Dialogue Between Religions


David Boussion, of Lannion (Côtes-d'Armor) went on a trip to the United States to give an international conference on religions. He tells.

The city of Columbus (United States) hosted an interfaith international meeting from August 16 to 18. In which setting were you invited?

It was the organizers, a couple of American friends, who asked me to come and give a lecture at this convention of several religions. We met several times in France and Africa. The conference was organized in a hotel, I intervened the first day to testify of my experience in favor of interreligious dialogue.

Why does this dialogue between religions seem important to you?

It is fundamental to go beyond our differences, without erasing them, and to see what unites us as human beings. Peace comes through the acceptance of the other and its differences. Comparing practices or confining oneself to sterile speeches does not solve anything. Understanding the other leads to tolerance.

What did you get out of this experience?

It was the first time I went to the United States, and I was amazed at the reception I received. There were many different people, people not necessarily coming for the conference. I felt more freedom of expression and the feeling of not disturbing. The United States is often considered an Islamophobic country, but that's not my experience. I was offered to come back next year, and I think I will go back.

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Lannion. Caregiver Advocates in the United States for More Dialogue Between

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