La Ronde: Canada's first free-flying roller coaster to arrive in 2020


MONTREAL – La Ronde announces that it will inaugurate the Vipère riding school in the late spring of 2020, which it presents as the first free-flying roller coaster in Canada.

The management of the Montreal amusement park explains that Vipère consists of a huge structure on a serpentine rail to which are attached four vehicles with wings that have eight seats each.

The vehicle begins its journey by taking a vertical lift from a height of 33 meters. It is then propelled on a course around an undulating rail and with multiple free-falling dives and turns and inversions 360 degrees that make the passengers turn upside down.

The announcement of the arrival of this new carousel comes days after the Super Manège was closed to the public, almost 40 years after welcoming its first users.

The company Six Flags, which runs La Ronde, had already announced that the Super Manège was in its last season and that it would not be used from August 25.

The Super Manège is located on the southeast side of Île Sainte-Hélène, near La Ronde Marina. It is not known if this is where Vipère will be developed.

La Ronde, which was inaugurated in 1967, offers some forty rides and attractions.

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