Klopp remains calm after the draw of the Champions League


The draw of the Champions League took place on Thursday night. He has again designated the Napoli as opponent of Liverpool and it is complemented by the presence of the teams of Genk and Salzburg. A draw which suggests a qualification for the round of 16.

Jürgen Klopp commented on Liverpool's official website about the draw of the Champions League. If the German coach knows the Napoli well, he will however have to take a maximum of information on his other opponents: " Still Naples! I do not know how many times I have played against Naples, but it's a very experienced team. I will now have to take a closer look at Genk and Salzburg, but I already know that they are very young, very exciting and very fresh, so it will be interesting, 100 per cent. I do not think I've ever played against Salzburg or Genk, so it's interesting. It's always like that, it's not an easy group and it's not a group where we can hide behind anyone. " he explained.

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