Kevin Trapp criticizes Frankfurt-Strasbourg / C3 / Dam / Frankfurt-Strasbourg (3-0) /


Kevin sour.Despite his Eintracht's win against Strasbourg on Thursday in the 3-0 UEFA Europa League comeback, Kevin Trapp has a bitter taste of Orel Grinfeld's performance as referee of the match tonight. -the. The Israelis made particular note by distributing two red cards during the match, the first for Ante Rebić, the second for Dimitri Liénard, which did not fail to give a good dose of spice to the match.

"In my opinion, the referee was not at the level. He was very arrogant, I do not know why he was like that", Released Trapp in the mixed zone after the meeting, in the greatest of calms and in the perfect French that one knows him. "It was a pretty complicated game for him too, but his behavior was a bit weird. We could not talk to him when before the season, the referees tell us that we have to come and talk to them. Today, we wanted to do it to calm the situation a bit, but he did not let us do it"Defended the former Parisian.Not sure that the Hesse public bronca helped a lot to find peace on the ground.

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