Justice refuses Tariq Ramadan to visit the United Kingdom


The Swiss Islamologist Tariq Ramadan, forbidden to leave France because of his indictment for two rapes he contests, was denied Friday by the court permission to visit the United Kingdom, we learned from his lawyer.

Released in mid-November after nearly ten months in detention, Tariq Ramadan asked for a change in his judicial control to be able to visit his London home punctually in order to "resume his professional, medical and family life," according to his lawyer Emmanuel Marsigny.

Multiple sclerosis

When the case was launched at the end of 2017, the intellectual was on leave from the British University of Oxford, where he held a chair of Islamic studies since 2008.

Tariq Ramadan, 57, also said he wanted to resume consultations with doctors who diagnosed him in 2006 with multiple sclerosis. On July 22, the Paris investigating magistrate refused this request from the Islamologist, who had appealed.

To defend his appeal, Tariq Ramadan appeared this Friday in person before the Paris Court of Appeal, but the investigating chamber refused to attend the hearing. She finally confirmed the judge's initial rejection.

Two new complaints

A long-time influential but controversial figure of European Islam, Tariq Ramadan has been indicted since February 2018 for the rape of two women. He initially denied any sexual relations with the first two complainants, before being contradicted by the investigation and pleaded for a year "relations granted".

It is also targeted by two other complaints for rape, filed in March 2018 and July last, facts for which it is not pursued to date. Also accused of rape by a woman in Switzerland, it must be heard this fall in Paris by a Geneva prosecutor.

As the revelations of the investigation unfold, the defense and civil parties clash over the interpretation of Tariq Ramadan's abundant correspondence (messages, SMS, photos) of a sexual nature with many women, including his accusatory. For the Ramadan camp, it proves the consent of these women while the civil parties see there the proof of the "hold" exerted on them by the intellectual.

A book, Duty of truth, signed by Tariq Ramadan, must also be published on 11 September.

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