Just arrived in New York, Greta Thunberg regrets that Donald Trump refuses to "listen to science"


Greta Thunberg arrives in New York on her sailboat after 15 days crossing – Craig Ruttle / AP / SIPA

Greta arrived, without hurry … After 15 days crossing the Atlantic, the young Swede
Greta Thunberg docked in New York aboard
of his sailboat to zero carbon emission.

The activist, aboard the Malizia II, waved at the cameras that were following her progress from the outskirts of Brooklyn, where the crew completed US immigration formalities, to the southern tip of Manhattan, where the boat docked soon after.

Hundreds of people are waiting for him on his arrival

" Earth ! The lights of Long Island and New York in front of us, "tweeted the young Swede 16 years early Wednesday morning, after a crossing that was sometimes hectic, especially approaching the American continent.

Under a gray sky, dozens of journalists and some 300 people were waiting on a wharf at the tip of Manhattan, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, the one that has become in a year the star of hundreds of thousands of young people.

Just arrived in the United States, the young muse of the climate Greta Thunberg lamented that Donald Trump refuses to "listen to science". His message for the US president? "My message is" listen to science "but clearly, it does not. As I say every time I am asked this question, if no one has been able to convince him of the urgency of the climate crisis, why can I do it? "

The Amazon, "a clear sign that we must stop destroying nature"

At this first American press conference, Greta Thunberg also spoke of fires in the Amazon: "A clear sign that we must stop destroying nature," she said.

The teenager is due to participate on 23 September at the UN climate summit.



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