JSK: Velud congratulates his players


After two days of rest, granted by the technical staff after the return of the team to the country, Yellow and Green of the JSK have returned the day before yesterday with the path of the training at the stage of the 1st-November.

The least What we can say about this recovery is that it was done in a good atmosphere, and this following the valuable qualification in the Champions League uprooted on Sudanese lands. Before the start of training, Djurdjura canary coach Hubert Velud gave a speech to his players. From the outset, he wanted to thank them for the good performance of Hamroune's comrades against Al-Merreikh, they who managed to turn things around by scoring two goals in stoppage time: "Thank you very much for the benefit and the qualification against Al-Merreikh of Sudan. You have been up to the task and you have shown me that I can count on you. It was a qualification of heart because, in addition to the result, I discovered in you real fighters who like their club. "

"Now you have to focus on the match against Paradou"

Just after having congratulated them, the French technician called them to forget this success and work hard during the training to stay on this good momentum and continue with a second victory in the championship against the Paradou, next Saturday: "Now everyone must forget this qualification in the African Champions League. You had plenty of time to enjoy it. But now it's a thing of the past. We will start calmly the preparation of the next match against Paradou.

"We have to go on with a good result"

The coach Hubert Velud who is aware of the difficulty of the task that awaits him the day after tomorrow against the young formation of Paradou, relies heavily on the will and the determination of his foals to return with the totality of the points and to continue with a second win in the league. After the draw against NAHD and the victory at home against US Biskra, the first manager of the technical bar requires his players a good result next Saturday against the Pacistes who also remain on a qualification in the second round of preliminaries. Cup of the African Football Confederation (CAF). "We have to forget the qualification and focus only on the next game of the championship. We will move with the intention of returning with a victory. You will have to focus on your work and achieve a good result next Saturday.

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Changes in the face of the CAP

It is very likely that Canaris coach Hubert Velud will make some changes in his squad, during the next championship match against the PAC, scheduled for next Saturday at the Omar Hmmadi stadium. We are talking about the defensive axis of the eleven canaries, who will have to record the return of Tizi-Bouali after he missed the three previous meetings. This is at least what the last twists in the group suggests, where Velud will align Tizi-Bouali alongside Souyad or Saadou to compose the central hinge. The defense should not be the only one to be concerned by these changes, since there are also plans for further mid-field and CAP attack. Starting with Addadi who will not be concerned by this appointment for suspension. Tafni is expected next Saturday against Paradou, and he should be aligned instead of Addadi. In attack, the new recruit, Hama Banouh has served his suspension and he can record his first tenure this weekend in the league. What is certain though is that coach Velud wants to boost competition between his players, and in the three compartments of his eleven. The latter have done a good job lately, whether in training or training, and want to contribute and win a title with the country's titled club.

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