Jean Dujardin, on the arm of his wife, on the red carpet of "J'accuse"


The main actor of "J'accuse" appeared alongside his wife on the red carpet in Venice.

Dressed in a magnificent black suit, Jean Dujardin appeared Friday night, at the arm of his wife Nathalie Pechalat, on the red carpet of "J'accuse", the last feature film by Roman Polanski.

Despite the controversy raging over his selection in competition, the Franco-Polish director unveiled at the Mostra his film on the Dreyfus Affair, "J'accuse", in which he sees a parallel with his situation, considering himself "harassed ". "This feeling of persecution is quite simple to understand. Just watch his life, "said his wife Emmanuelle Seigner, who also plays the main female role of" J'accuse ", during the press conference of the film Friday afternoon in Venice, where the director was not not here.

The producers of the film took care at the beginning of this press conference to call to leave "behind us all controversy" to focus on the film. "This is not a moral court, but a wonderful Mostra," added Italian producer Luca Barbareschi. "The film must be allowed to speak" and it is the public who "must judge" the work, he said.

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"J'accuse" is one of 21 films in competition for the Lion d'Or. Thriller against the background of espionage, the feature film tells the Dreyfus Affair, from the point of view of Lieutenant-Colonel Georges Picquart, played by Jean Dujardin, chief of the intelligence services and key figure in the outcome of the case.

He had disseminated the evidence to clear Captain Dreyfus, French of Alsatian origin and of Jewish confession accused of treason, putting an end to this major scandal of the Third Republic in France which lasted twelve years (1894-1906). "The Dreyfus Affair is probably a harbinger of everything that happened in the 20th century, especially with regard to the Holocaust," said French producer Alain Attal.

"The best way to respond for future generations is to leave films of this importance that can make our children think," he added.

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