James criticized by the former doctor of Colombia


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Wednesday, August 28, 2019 21:13

Héctor Fabio Cruz, former doctor of the Colombian selection, told FutbolRed that Real Madrid player James Rodriguez "takes care of his hair more than his career":

"The guy is distracted, instead of working to get ready for the new season, he is more concerned about his eyebrows and hair while he should make sure he is physically in the best shape possible," he said. the former member of the Cafeteros staff, who compares James to the "model of professionalism" Cristiano Ronaldo.

[Cristiano] can take a week's vacation, take his family on his yacht around the Greek islands and the following week he would work with 15 people to prepare for the new season. He is the most professional sportsman I know. "

"A player who earns 7.5 million euros a year can not afford to be bored by his preparation, and big clubs like Madrid assume that all their players are professionals, that they make sure to be well prepared, this guy [James] is not getting ready … A player who spends months off the field, going from one party to another, how will he be able to play? ", says the doctor as reported by Goal.

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