Jair Bolsonaro boycats Bic pens


Always a Bic pen on him for his official signatures, Jair Bolsonaro wanted to display the modest presidential lifestyle. But Friday, August 30, on his Facebook account, the Brazilian president launches another provocation against France and attacks a symbol: the pen Bic, which he now intends to boycott. The French brand is world famous. 32 million products are bought every day. In France too, it is an institution. "It has accompanied all my school and professional life", assures a passerby. "It's the base, it's the cheapest pen brand."says a young man.

The group operates around the world, with 26 factories and more than 13,000 employees, including Brazil, Manaus and Rio de Janeiro, where the majority of pens sold in Brazil are manufactured. Contacted Saturday, August 31, the brand did not wish to comment on the statement of the Brazilian president.

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